What a Solar Battery Maintainer Can Do For You

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Solar battery maintainers are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal if your the type of person who wants to cut expenses and be kind to the environment.

Solar battery maintainers and trickle chargers resemble larger versions of the photovoltaic cells used to run calculators-which is a fair description of what they are. They convert the sun’s rays directly into electricity at low electric power (generally from 1.8 to 6 watts) which makes them useful gizmos for countering the slow loss of charge that is part and parcel of every battery, particularly ones-car batteries for example-that are designed to be recharged .

Most people use a solar battery maintainer to make sure that they will be able to start the engine of a vehicle that is in disuse for a period of time. A common example is that of an RV that is kept in storage for most of the year. The battery would go flat if it weren’t kept topped up by one means or another. They are also useful for keeping the charge on the battery of a vehicle or device that at times isn’t run for a long enough time for the alternator to recharge the battery-in particular if the battery is a bit long in the tooth.

Solar battery maintainers are effective for any kind of lead-acid battery, whether it be an automotive starter battery or deep-cycle battery. Owing to the fact that lead-acid batteries are used in a wide variety of vehicles and crafts that may not necessarily always be near an electrical outlet, a device that can keep them charged up using only the sun’s shining rays can find a wide range of applications .

RVs and boat batteries are obvious choices for trickle charging as most people only use them seasonally, and sparingly at that. They also pose an additional challenge of how to keep the house batteries charged. A solar battery charger, mounted on top of a motor home for example, is the perfect solution.

But it’s not only the vehicles and crafts you use to explore the great outdoors whose batteries could need maintaining. What about the truck or motorcycle that you don’t use everyday, or even your lawnmower?

Are you lucky enough to have a place away from the house (and electrical outlets) where you like to go and just hang out with the dog? If you had a solar battery maintainer and a deep-cycle battery it would be simple to set up a system to power a laptop or any other electrical device. Also, some people purchase a solar battery maintainer to be used as a power source for their kid’s science project.

As you can see from the limited for instances given here, a solar battery maintainer is a very convenient tool that can be used for much more than just maintaining the charge on your car battery.

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Types of Solar Products Found Online

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Are you curious about solar products but not sure what and where to start? There are several trusted online retailers that provide solar power however there is more to it than just finding one. In this short article I will cover some of the types of solar products that are on the market. I will also name few of the solar powered items which consumers are purchasing. My suggestion is the fact that whenever you see a hyperlink you click on and bookmark that page and then come back to this site to keep on reading. By the time you are finished, those websites will have loaded and you won’t have to wait.

So you want the ability to generate power for free from the sun for your electronics, right? There isn’t any better way than solar energy products. When you start searching you’ll realize there are a lot more than what meets the eye. You will soon realize there are many kinds of solar items and below These are merely just a few of them:

*Solar Chargers

*Portable Solar Chargers

*Solar Generators

*Solar Phone Chargers

*Solar Phone Chargers

They are only a handful of them because solar products mean different things to different people. Some customers consider full blown solar panels for their homes once they think solar products, while others think about solar lighting solutions. Then you’ve different types of people who need solar energy like outdoorsmen and then business savvy on the run type people. So remember that there are many different types of solar products.

Here are some of the solar chargers that individuals are purchasing:

*Guide 10 Adventure Kit

*K3 Solar Chargers

*Solar Monkey Chargers

*Pocket Solar Charger

There are many more out there but these are some of the popular ones. Below are some of the solar generators that consumers who want backup solar power are purchasing:

*Base Camp Solar Kit

*Powersource 1800 Solar Generator

These solar powered generators are very massive but yet the base camp solar kit can fit easy inside your small car or truck. They are massive in powe, these power generators provide over 600 watts of power and are available with everything you need to be off the grid for your small electronics and appliances. There are several the solar phone chargers listed below. This category is still growing as individuals are looking for a way to increase the charge time. My recommendation would be to purchase a solar phone charger that accompany battery system built into it this way you can charge your mobile device by both sun and battery power.

*Solio Solar Chargers

*6V Solar Charger

*Revolve Solar Charger

These solar cell phone chargers are popular however make sure you purchase a solar charger that accompany a battery built in so that you can charge at night time as well as have that backup solar panel built on just in case of an emergency.

Again, please remember there are many more solar products through the internet but what most consumers want once they think of solar power, is power. They want power all the time when they are out and about and their devices stop charging, from laptops to cell phones and everything else in between. If you have not already, I recommend that you check out the links that I provided to help you start your solar products shopping.

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Portable Power For Camping

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Do you remember when your camping and the power around the electronics goes out, and you’re just wishing you had transportable power for camping? It’s a actual issue regardless of if your 1 of those campers who does not think in getting mobile gadgets within the wilderness or not. The cause for this is that emergencies can happen at whenever and understanding this before being ready is simply as foolish as not taking particular medicines with food even though you realize you should. Campers from across the world are turning into much more interested in what portable solar power methods are actually obtainable to use when their camping. In this write-up, I will cover a few of the best photo voltaic power kits camping and outdoor adventurers love.

The first solar item I’ll discuss for those who need portable power for camping will be the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit. This solar kit is much more than sufficient energy for camping groups of 3 or much more unless you plan on being on a laptop for the majority of the day. It is perfect for small to med households simply because you can cost all of your cellular devices, your laptops and you will even have power for a hotplate in the event you do not wish to start a fire. The Sherpa 120 comes with a 27watt foldable photo voltaic panel, 120 battery pack and an inverter. This really is quite outstanding if you think long term and comfort. Many people forget that whenever you purchase photo voltaic energy that you can use it over and more than it as well as for other issues like emergencies at house for instance energy outages. As for as comfort, you can put these products right into a duffel bag or backpack, no issue and go. And also the way this photo voltaic energy kit is setup, you can effortlessly plug in play and never worry about those additional wires and terminals and car batteries. It is honestly a headache if you believed about it long term, plus you really can’t afford to leave to these dangling wires in the rain because they will brief circuit much quicker after which you are from luck. Also, attempting attempt and get the right solar panel that’s sturdy and you will soon understand what I needed to realize about raw solar panels. They suck when attempting to do adventures and thrilling outside trips. I could go on but I understand you want me to go to the following solar kit.

The following portable energy kit for campers is the pocket photo voltaic charger. When I saw this, the cost alone just blew me away, I thought it was way as well expensive till I read more about it. This photo voltaic charger companies up to 12,000 milli amps. In situation you do not understand what that means and you want the plain English explanation. It indicates that once you cost this factor either by USB cable or by sun, you can charge your mobile cell phone or gaps unit more than once. Up to four or more times. You see most transportable photo voltaic chargers are in a position to cost your device about as soon as or twice after which you need to recharge. I know this because of what the specs say about them as well as I know what energy my iphone has. I had bought the iphone surge and recognized it made to get a better battery backup, but I could only cost about 2 times and then I had to cost once more. I nonetheless love my surge, but I want I could cost it, then charge it and again and again with out getting to operate to my computer’s usb port. The best way when you’re buying those smaller sized finish solar power chargers is looking at the mAh. If you have a high capacity mAh, then you definitely know that you can charge your cellular gadgets more often, most cellular devices are 1500 mah or more. A lot of the solar chargers in the marketplace do not really provide that kind of power which means you end up becoming upset. I hope this suggestion on your own helps you determine, I will location the link to this retailer that provides this item.

The finally transportable power kit for camping I will offer for you will be the Base Camp Photo voltaic Kit. This potent photo voltaic energy kit is able to produce more than 500 watts of power and may be added to or taken away. Let me clarify additional, inside of the package deal includes four photo voltaic panels, all thirty watts, four light a existence lanterns, one inverter and 2×350 battery packs. You are able to choose to buy more photo voltaic panels or batteries or you might select to take only what you’ll need for the trip. Perfect for those that reside insane adventurous lives and wish to take away and leave. With this type power and lighting answer, you are able to have your entire base camp lit up and powered up. This really is also extremely useful in case of emergencies and families that have little children. You’ll be able to maintain lamps on, warm food with the microwave and also have a portable dvd player plugged in to entertain children.

As you can see, there are many choices for those looking for solar power for camping journeys. From portable photo voltaic chargers to medium sized kits to full blown photo voltaic kits for entire camp site, portable energy for camping is feasible and an outstanding way to prepare for just about any camping or journey excursion.

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Purchasing Solar Systems For Camping

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Are you thinking about buying a solar power kit but not sure how to choose? With all the companies that offer solar systems for consumers it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when they don’t supply you with the answers you want before you purchase. In this article, I will list the factors to consider when buying a solar kit.

The first factor to consider when purchasing your solar power kit is the actual need you have. Some consumers have purchased for many reasons from camping trips to emergency backup units. There is a lot of different uses a solar power kit can bring from just one unit alone. Consumers enjoy taking their portable solar kit with them while camping and then when they are finished with their camping trips, they simply charge it one last time and store it until they camp again or if an emergency happens. While there are other consumers who prefer using their solar power kit as their backup unit for their entire family and will purchase a big solar unit. And their decision also is to purchase many solar power kits. They will purchase a solar generator and then they will purchase a more portable solar kit for when they are on vacation or during work travels as well as camping trips for certain families. Remember your needs when purchasing solar power kits.

The second factor to consider is understanding your energy capacity needs. In case your preparing a camping trip and only need energy for laptops and hotplates, then of course a 1800 watt photo voltaic generator might be an excessive amount of unless of course you bring an RV and want energy for that also. However, you certainly will require much more than fifty watts of power. Most camping customers will buy a 120 watt photo voltaic kit if they want to cost mobile phones, cameras, laptops and scorching plates. Some customers are even purchasing a 150 watt photo voltaic kit for his or her rest apnea machines. Make sure you realize what you’ll wish to have energy for when your out within the wilderness or wherever you wind up without a power supply.

The third factor to consider when purchasing a portable solar power kit is portability. If you’re looking for a survival kit for on the go type of power, then making sure that you can lift and carry a solar power kit, is something that you should remember before you purchase. Now if you are looking for a portable solar power kit that provides lots of power like 1500 watts or more, then make sure you have someone who can lift it, because the more power you require, usually the heavier the units become. Most solar power kits are portable already however the weight might make it seem like it is not meant to be moved, this is not true just a misunderstanding.

The fourth factor to consider when buying your solar power kit is knowing that it’s waterproof. This is mostly for the outdoor adventurer consumers. Knowing that the gear you purchases can withstand cold, heat, rain and even snow are serious factors that should not be overlooked. It would be very upsetting to know that you purchased a solar system only to find out that it can withstand a little sprinkles or heat. This of course means that you are not to submerge your electronics into water, because that would be foolish. You have to remember that solar power should be treated like your mobile cell phone. You don’t drop your iphone into water however if it’s raining and your going to your vehicle and are on the phone, once your inside your vehicle, you usually dry your iphone with your shirt or cloth. That is the same thing with solar kits, you can let them be in the rain, but taking care of them will results in better future uses.

An additional element to think about when buying a solar kit will be the warranty that’s provided. Make sure the manufacturer provides some kind of guarantee. Most producers offer a 1 year and even two year warranty to make sure that customers will be taken care of it their photo voltaic panel or solar system is not charging correctly.

Let’s evaluation real fast:

1)Needs- What do you’ll need this solar kit for? 2)Energy Capacity-Know just how much power you’ll need. three)Portability-Will you need a lot of relocating around? four)Waterproof-Make sure your photo voltaic kit can stand up to all conditions five)Warranty-Be certain that there is a warranty from the manufacturer.

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