Fundamentals When You Desire To Learn How To Make Bio Diesel

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Although the idea of bio diesel is not a new concept, it has gained a huge following recently. Actually bio diesel is as old as the diesel engine since the first compression-ignition engine was developed with peanut oil. This is an vital consideration when one wants to learn how to make bio diesel.

Bio diesel can therefore be described as a non-petroleum-based fuel produced from vegetable and animal fat. Although the fuel can be used alone, it cans also be blended with ordinary diesel to fire a diesel engine. This makes it a great option especially considering the increasing prices of fossil fuels.

Since the production process is quite easy, it makes it possible for one to learn from different sources. Considering the production materials, there is a very wide variety used in producing the diesel ranging from rapeseed, soybean oil and other feedstock. In some cases, it is also possible to extract the diesel from used vegetable oils from hotels. Animal fats such as chicken fat, tallow are also other viable sources. Apart from these oils, the diesel can also be extracted from algae although this is not feasible for commercial production.

The first step when you want to learn the art of making bio diesel is identifying the source oil. This is because the process varies slightly with different materials. Some of the materials will also necessitate the acquisition of special equipment like a bio diesel processor. Some of the cases however do not require such equipment like in the case of making the diesel from used cooking oil with methanol and sodium hydroxide. This method however, does not produce large amounts.

Once you have established the source the next step is usually testing it for properties such as water content and acidity. This is usually important as it helps determine the state of your end product. The level of acidity and water determine whether the resultant bio diesel will be perfect.

The best sources should be the ones providing relatively low acidic and dry oil as it makes the process much simpler. This means you need to learn how to test for water either by using the heating method or by using a water testing kit. The acidity is tested through titration where the oil is added to pH neutral alcohol.

Another major step when making bio diesel is filtration. This is done when using used vegetable oil and helps remove food particles and any other contaminants. Filtering is done mostly with drum filters which are very effective. You should learn about micron rating as it will help you select the most effective filter. The smaller the rating number, the smaller the holes in the filter will be.

Before you can embark of full production of bio diesel a test batch is very important. You should therefore learn how to make this using items obtained from the local grocery stores. You will also need to obtain the actual production equipment. Some of the equipments needed include oil collection containers, oil transfer and filtering capability, a bio diesel processor and bio diesel washing vessel. You also require storage containers, transfer pumps and a titration kit.

The intended production capacity will be one of the main determinants of the equipment you acquire. With these you should be prepared to learn how to make bio diesel.

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What Are the Advantages of Electric Cars?

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Electric cars are also known as EV or electric vehicle, has existed since the early1850s, but since the creation of electric start on the internal combustion engine, were almost forgotten. Today, with the increasing pollution caused by oil – derived fuels and the possibility that these fuels are very nearly exhausted, car owners are looking for different ways to extend your driving life. As of that, people are beginning to detect the electric car, as well as other hybrids, again.

A modified car is not the last idea. Time has changed there, many petrol cars run on electricity. Coaches who have seen today is truly at home backyards and garages. This is mainly due to the low cost of production of electric cars by car companies, despite the many advantages that this kind of vehicles we sell.

Due to the fact that they do not produce emissions, electric cars do not contribute to air pollution. This caused a lot of interest lately, especially when the presence of smog in Beijing has the Olympics. Smog, which is a short, smoky haze is regularly observed in large cities and is largely due to emissions from cars and industry. When exposed to smog, people may experience eye irritation, and a lot of respiratory diseases. Because even without all the discharges stored energy in battery converted to running wheels. Electric cars are more efficient and provide a better return by car owners; money in the long term. These are parts of it should be affordable and sustainable technology advances. Nowadays, batteries needed for electric cars have longer lives between charging and offers better mileage.

Due to the lack of car engine combustion provides the voltage to be calmer, which contributes to less noise pollution. It is almost silent is one of its key features that makes it attractive for vehicle owners who are not like that a lot of noise when running.

Without internal voltage electric car combustion engine is quieter, so help the less noise. It is almost as silent as one of its most important features and attracts car owners do not like the fact that a lot of noise when driving.

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James Dean Falcon is a published author, and expert in alternative energy and alternative fuelsClick Here to Run Your Car on Electricity!


Environment Friendly Electric Car

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Electric automobiles of the past were not as advanced as they are today. Thanks to the furtherance of battery cell technology, electric automobiles today are now able to go faster, further, and last longer. The total of time it takes to charge a battery has in increase cut back. Electric automobiles nowadays are a lot cheaper to run than gas driven automobiles. The interest these cars are seeing among the population is mainly due to these points.

You have to realize the fact that the nation and the entire world are seeing a financial disaster. Rising numbers of Americans (and citizens of other nations) are selling their gasoline driven cars in favor of electric ones to save income.

Of course, tax breaks and other incentives offered by the government is alternative cause why the interest in electric cars is gaining ground. Government offer a large tax break if people drive electric cars in an effort to halt the dependency the nation has on getting fuel from outside nations. In several states, they also offer benefits to people, such as freedom from carpool lane requirements and free parking on meters and pay parking lots.

If you consider it, you will be in a position to save a lot of money on taxes and likewise get a good deal of convenience as you will be able to use the carpool lane at any time you wish.

Of course the state of the environment is in addition a worry to big numbers of people. Several people think going electric is a great way of solving the growing problem of global warming and climate change.

Atmosphere is growing clogged up with carbon dioxide which is one of the gases given off by the burning of gas in the conventional car. Besides we know that climate change is also related with “Green House Process”.

As electric vehicles do not pay off anything detrimental to the environment, growing amounts of people concerned about the world are seeing this as a scheme to help.

You want to save money or you want to give something back to the globe, the electric car can supply you with both.

Victor Falcon is a published author, and expert in alternative energy and alternative fuels.Click Here to Run Your Car on Electricity!