What is a Solar Pool Cover?

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A solar pool cover traps heat from the sun and then transmits that heat to the swimming pool. A solar swimming pool cover may also be called a solar blanket. A solar pool cover traps the heat from the sun in the pool and keeps it from escaping into the air.

The solar pool cover sits on top of the swimming pool water. It is not attached by anchors. Because of this the solar pool cover can easily be removed. One option is to use a solar pool cover reel, this helps to roll up the solar pool cover and makes for great, easy storage. Solar pool covers can also be removed and folded up, but you might get wet. Find more information on solar pool cover reels, they are usually the best for storage.

Solar pool covers are fantastic in a hot climate because the more heat they get, the longer the swim season. While the climate does not need to be warm all of the time, the blanket does need to have access to sunlight in order to trap the heat.

It is important to note that a solar pool cover is in no way a safety cover. You should remove it completely before anyone enters the pool. They are not designed for cleanliness, but they really can keep a lot of debris out of the pool.

Solar pool covers come in many different shapes. They can be square, triangle, round, or even a custom design. They are designed for in-ground or above-ground pools. A solar pool cover should keep your swimming pool 10-15 degrees warmer and are much cheaper than a pool heater, which can cost hundreds of dollars a month, especially if you have a larger pool.

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